Df visualize
To be a change agent especially for the underprivileged and deprived class/society of the rural and semi-urban areas building self-reliant and self-sustaining community, empowering them for total growth towards a civil society.

Our Mission
Integrated development in the under served regions through peoples participation, building capacities and skills for optimal use of abundant resources.

Df’s Objective

  • To devote itself in social and economic upliftment of rural and decentralized sector physically and socio-economically handicapped persons or in family welfare programs.
  • To Increase the speed of development in the field of Livelihood and Well being of the people living in rural and semi-urban areas.
  • To act as facilitator/service provider to the emergent issues for preservation and conservation and development of natural resources, and the rich cultural heritage of the society.
  • Build partnership, Network, strengthen and advocacy in order to achieve common goals and raise voices for common interest.
  • To provide necessary amenities and develop a conducive atmosphere for the students of the marginalized families to acquire knowledge on technology and other non formal education.