Maternal health Health is one of the primary indicators

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health interventions Mental health is one of the most looked over aspects in rural as well as urban health assessments. Suicide is the highest killer in India, around one million people die every year globally due to suicide, and depression is the leading cause of years lost due to a disability and it is ranked third in the global burden of disease. It is projected to be the first by 2030. Diya Foundation is providing mental healthcare facilities since 2020 through organizing camps regularly on monthly basis in Kamrup rural. Treatment facilities for diseases such as schizophrenia, schizotypal, delusion, epilepsy, somatoform disorders, etc are provided. The camps have been highly successful as of now where 85% to 90% of patients attending these monthly camps are under control. Patients largely from Assam and Meghalaya are getting the benefits of this program.

Maternal health

Maternal health Health is one of the primary indicators of a good life and Diya Foundation is actively promoting respectful maternity care through awareness and advocacy among the stakeholders and childbearing women. The programs conducted by Diya also sensitize ASHA workers, to actively guide childbearing women, create awareness about government programs and bridge the gap with primary healthcare providers for safe and healthy delivery. Diya is also engaged in data collection in the domain of maternal deaths, maternity care in health facilities, and the implementation and functioning of VHSND. This collated data is analyzed and presented to the stakeholders for designing strategies and models through active participation. Diya is also a proud member of The White Ribbon Alliance India and holds the secretariat for the Assam Chapter for actively building alliances among individuals, institutions, and cisociety organizations for the promotion of Respectful Maternity Care for Safe Motherhood in Assam.

Menstrual health and Hygiene

Diya Foundation Initiated digital media based reproductive and menstrual hygiene awareness
program under Kamrup District of Assam in the year 2019. The objective of the program was
to enable the adolescent girls to make informed decisions, build self-confidence, and increase
their economic power and independence and have greater access to public services relating to
entitlements and resources. The program have covered to 10 villages where major inhabitants
are ST, SC, Tea Tribe and other General community. So far the program have formed 10
adolescent groups with total 850 adolescent girls. Joyful learning sessions, personal
reflections, creativity development sessions are designed and implemented to enhance their
learning, build confidence and start building their own paths. Sessions are also developed and
imparted on entrepreneurships in order to build their entrepreneurial thoughts and thinking.
The other important aspects while working with adolescents are designing sessions on tuition
facilities for those appearing board exams as well as studying in IX and X standards so that
they come out with flying colours too.