Df’s Thrust Areas

  • Create Livelihood opportunity and choices (Food Security).
  • Education Promotion.
  • Biodiversity Conservation.
  • Respond to emergent Issus and needs.

1. Create Livelihood Opportunity and Choices.
a. Piggery development:
0001Pig Rearing is one of the traditional activity carried out by the rural folk since ages especially the tribal communities in Assam. Df’s intervening areas dominated by the Rabha’s popular in traditional way of rearing pigs. Pig rearing activity is one of the most efficient ways of meat production by utilizing kitchen waste, vegetable waste and locally available nutritious feeds. Though initially rearing of local breeds were practiced highly but in due course of time people adopt cross breed. Rearing of pig is popular nowadays in the area and pork from such animal have wide acceptance especially in the city (Guwahati) and the neighboring state Meghalaya. Even though every Rabha community household rear pig, it is largely considered as subsidiary income. It has huge potential for upscalling and building entrepreneurial qualities among this community. Df foresee to work extensively and intensively by providing technical and non-technical support and institutionalizing them so that they realize and take up widely as primary activity thereby creating employment and economic development in household.



b. Traditional Handloom Promotion:
0002Unlike other Schedule Tribes of Assam Rabha’s are also schedule tribe of the state which exist since ages. This community also exist rich cultural design which is unseen and unnoticed, the low-in-loom practices that exist earlier is now almost vanished. With an aim of preserving and promoting this unique cultural richness DiYA Foundation has organized skilled weavers into weavers group to weave various types of traditional dresses such as kangbung, pajar (wrapper), bags, stalls etc. And in order to promote and upgrade their products Df have linked those weavers with professional designers of the state. Df foresee to strengthen and carry forward these activity in a large way by institutionalizing and formalizing them.



2. Education Promotion:
0003As per 2001 census literacy rate in the state among STs who are having educational level graduation and above are only 2.3 per cent. And that of Rabha’s is less than two per cent literacy rate with educational level graduation and above. With the aim of promoting higher education in the tribal dominated areas DiYA Foundation in the year 2011 have approached the Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University, an Open University established by the Assam Legislative Assembly to grant such kind of a Centre for the area. The Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University and DiYA Foundation have formally signed the MOU on the 7th day of February 2012 for establishing a Centre in Loharghat. Presently the Centre is offering two courses, Bachelors Preparatory Program – BPP and Bachelor of Arts- BA and its classes are held every Sunday.



3. Biodiversity Conservation:
0004Conserving the rich biodiversity and its flora and fauna is one of our thrust areas of intervention. Majority of Df’s intervention area falls under the Forest Village where Sal, Teak, Herbs and many endangered species are found abundantly. In due course of time the idea of conservation decreased and cutting down and distortion massively increased for easy cash generating.

0005These areas also greatly affect by Wild Elephants and Boars and many at times arise man elephant conflict. During the last five years at least 10 to 15 people died due to conflict with wild elephants. In monsoon nearly all crops in the paddy field as well as at homestead are damaged or eaten away by wild elephants and boars in most of the forest villages which lead to massive conflict.
So to generate awareness in order to conserve all species and build healthy relation for keeping in harmony with nature, communities need to organize and train in various spheres.


4. Respond to emergent Issus and needs:

0006 0007Social unrest, unrecognized and undiscovered physically challenged, natural calamities, man elephant conflict are the the burning issues which are unnoticed, and to mitigate and respond this issues Df has inculcated the agenda for responding these needs. Df aimed at helping this section by way of generating awareness, capacity building, relief and rehabilitation, networking and linkages and providing necessary amenities through various programs and collaborations.